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Happy Birthday, Tom Mix!

The great Tom Mix was born 143 years ago today — and he’s been gone since 1940.

But he rides again in the cool Tales Of Tom Mix series of books by my good friend “Scott McQueen.” The latest (and fourth of six), Deuces Wild, came out this week. Click on the cover above to get yours.

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One of my earliest movie memories is of watching an 8mm print of Tom Mix in The Great K&A Train Robbery (1926). What a cool movie — and you certainly don’t get any cooler than Tom Mix. He was a real ranch hand, starred in well over a hundred films, got John Wayne his job in the props department at Fox, appeared in the circus and was made an honorary Texas Ranger. Quite a guy.

Scott McCrea, the pen name of a great friend of this blog, is writing a series of novels featuring Tom Mix. The first one, The Mountain Killer, is now available. I highly recommend it. Click on the cover (above) or order yours today!

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