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Directed by Joseph Kane
Starring John Wayne, Vera Hruba Ralston, Walter Brennan, Ward Bond

Kino Lorber has announced a March 21 release date for Dakota (1945), a John Wayne Republic directed by Joe Kane. Ward Bond, Walter Brennan, Nick Stewart and Mike Mazurki round out the cast — along with Vera Ralston. It was shot by the great Jack Marta, and the special effects come courtesy of the mighty Lydecker Brothers.

The DVD and Blu-Ray will include a trailer and a commentary by some guy named Toby Roan.

UPDATE 1/4/2017: Kino Lorber has also announced an upcoming release of the Republic noir picture The Man Who Died Twice (1958), which starred Rod Cameron and Vera Ralston — and was shot in Naturama.


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I’m gonna make this quick because time’s running out. Olive Films’ Signature Edition of Nicholas Ray’s Johnny Guitar (1954) comes our tomorrow. Today, the pre-order price at Amazon is only $16.99 (the list price is $39.95).

Picture 2

Get the new Blu-Ray of Johnny Guitar, or Frank’ll let you have it.

Watched it over the weekend, and I really urge you to get it (a real review will be coming soon). Don’t have a Blu-ray player? Well, now’s the time. This thing’s incredible. As much as I love this movie, seeing it in hi-def and its proper 1.66 framing, I love it even more. Essential.

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last bandit coming

This is a bit of a cheat. Came across this while researching something else and had to use it.

A post on The Last Bandit (1949) IS in the works, however.

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As part of the Republic Pictures 75th event, Bob Burns and George Lydecker will speak on the work of Howard and Theodore Lydecker, Republic’s incredible special effects team — and two of my all-time cinematic heroes.

From the fleet of planes, trains and rockets they built for the many Republic serials to their miniature work on Flying Tigers (1942), Flame Of Barbary Coast (1945), and what may be their masterpiece, The Great Train Robbery (1941), the Lydecker brothers gave Republic production values far beyond what Herbert J. Yates was actually spending on these things.

While looking for a picture of a Lydecker rocket or something to put on here, I came across a site dedicated to Howard’s terrific Los Angeles home, which thankfully has remained much as it was when he lived in it.

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