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We looked at Exhibitor magazine’s top cowboy stars for 1951 a while back. Here’s the 1950 list.

By the way, this was the year that Gabby Hayes left theaters with the Randolph Scott picture The Caribou Trail.

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Wondered if anybody out there had been to Hoppyland. Then I realized it had been gone for nearly 70 years. 

Man, it must’ve been great.

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I’ve been trying to figure this out for myself, but I should’ve turned to y’all in the first place.

Looking for the best book(s) on the Hopalong Cassidy film. series. There are quite a few out there, from memorabilia price guides to stuff like Hopalong Cassidy: On The Page, On The Screen. The latter is from Riverwood Press, which is usually a good sign. (I miss Packy Smith!)

Drop your recommendations in the comments. Thanks a bunch.

UPDATE: Y’all have spoken and it’s pretty unanimous — Hopalong Cassidy: On The Page, On The Screen by Francis M. Nevins from Riverwood Press is the best book out there on Hopalong Cassidy. Thanks to all of you who commented, emailed or texted — and thanks to Steve Bowen for the photo of his long out-of-print hardback copy. The paperback is still available.

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Welcome to 2023. I’m excited about what’s in store this year, with the Hopalong Cassidy series from ClassicFlix being just one example.

Hope you’re all happy, healthy and safe throughout 2023.

Remember: Hoppy says — Brush your teeth at least twice a day.

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From the ClassicFlix newsletter: “We have several major projects underway, the largest at the moment is restoration of all 66 Hopalong Cassidy feature films… The first three films in the series are Hop-A-long CassidyThe Eagle’s Brood and Bar 20 Rides Again (all 1935).”

This is wonderful news. I can’t wait. More news to follow.

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Here’s Hopalong Cassidy (William Boyd) and Topper at the 1955 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City. Mighty Mouse is gaining on him.

Here’s hoping you’re all having a great one. And a big thanks to Bob Madison for the photo.

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These beautiful Hopalong Cassidy cap pistols (the subject line is what the original box called them) were manufactured by the All Metal Products Co. from Wyandotte, Michigan in 1955. By then, of course, Hoppy was out of theaters (the last of the features was released in 1948) and well-established on TV.

Today, it’s hard to believe kids used to go to the movies wearing these things.

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