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Being on the East Coast, I’m thankful that there are people covering where many of these 50s Westerns were shot. Who knows when I’ll get out that way.

Today I came across Joe Maddrey’s post on film locations around Kanab, Utah, including a Western street from Westward The Women (1951). See below.

It’s part of a series — be sure to check out his photos of Ford locations.

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Back in the early days of this blog, I solicited Want Lists from whoever was out there reading this thing — and the picture y’all wanted above all others was William Wellman’s Westward The Women (1951). It’d been quite a while since I’d seen it, so I tracked it down and it was soon at the top of my list, too.

Laura, a real evangelist for this picture, just passed along the fact that Warner Archive is releasing it tomorrow. Yep, tomorrow.

Researching it for my book (it’s a shoe-in for a chapter), I found out that a promotional short subject, “Challenge The Wilderness,” was done on how the shoot was as hard on the cast and crew as the fictional trek in the film. Well, it turns out Warner Archive’s serving that up along with a commentary by film historian Scott Eyman. Thanks to all concerned for giving this film the kind of treatment it deserves.

This is a great Western.

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Here comes another cool 50s Western on Blu-ray — The Hangman (1959).

Directed by Michael Curtiz at the end of his long career, from a script by Dudley Nichols, it stars Robert Taylor, Tina Louise, Fess Parker and Jack Lord. That’s quite a cast. Tina Louise did Andre de Toth’s Day Of The Outlaw the same year.

There was a time, not long ago, when 50s Westerns were represented on Blu-ray by The Searchers (1956) and Rio Bravo (1959). That was it. Luckily, that has changed. Recently, Olive Films has really come through for us with some of the “minor” Westerns we all love.

On June 26, The Hangman will join Silver City (1951), Denver And Rio Grande (1952), The Jayhawkers (1959) and Nicholas Ray’s Run For Cover (1954) on high-def, all from Olive Films.

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I find it hard to believe that The Last Hunt (1956) was adapted for Dell’s Four-Color series. One of the harshest Westerns of the 1950s — you could make a strong case that it’s one of the best, it’s an odd choice for a comic book.

Watch for a post on this picture soon. (Some of you came through with some great comments when it was first announced.) In the meantime, you’d be wise to pick up a copy for yourself.

By the way, it seems a lot of people were visiting this blog last night. At over 1,500 hits, it’s the busiest day 50 Westerns From The 50s has ever seen. Thanks for stopping by.

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Have at it, folks! Five Warner Archive titles for just $45 with free shipping.

Lots of good stuff to choose from, from Devil’s Doorway (1950) to Yellowstone Kelly (1959) — with Carson City (1952) somewhere in between. Unfortunately, those Tim Holt sets don’t count.

And if you want a non-50s non-Western, I’d recommend On Borrowed Time (1939). What a wonderful little movie it is.

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Denise Darcel has passed away at 87. The French actress’s film career was a short one, but it included two important 50s Westerns.

Above, she’s seen with Gary Cooper in Vera Cruz (1954). This scene with Denise in a rain barrel does not appear in the film. (Do her shoulder straps look like photo retouching to you?)

She’d previously appeared in Westward The Women (1950, below) along with Robert Taylor and an incredible ensemble female cast. She’s great in this one, handling the demanding physical stuff with ease.

You’ll find obituaries for her here and here.

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Out today from Warner Archive — Richard Brooks’ The Last Hunt (1956). Coming toward the end of MGM’s Dore Schary period, the picture was reworked to soften things things up a bit. But it’s still chilling at times, especially the buffalo hunting scenes — filmed during the thinning of the herd in South Dakota.

Find out more about it, or buy one, here.

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