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Everybody’s talking about The Lone Ranger (2013). They don’t like it. They like it. What’s that stuff on Johnny Depp’s head?

A good friend of this blog, Bob Madison — we tend to email back and forth about our love of The Lone Ranger — called the new film a “glorious mess” and admitted he liked it. See his blog for more.

We all have a “glorious mess” or two on our list of favorites — One-Eyed Jacks (1961) is one of mine — part of what makes being a movie nut so much fun.

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Lone Ranger opening Auston TX 1956

Kids line up outside an Austin theater to meet Clayton Moore. He was promoting The Lone Ranger (1956), the first of two features tied to the TV show.

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Moore Silver read script

Bob Madison (who moseys through this blog quite a bit) and I were emailing back and forth yesterday about Clayton Moore and The Lone Ranger. I remembered this page (inside back cover) from the 1956 Dell Giant comic The Lone Ranger Movie Story and thought it was worth sharing.

The article is called “Filming The Lone Ranger Movie.” Click and it gets large enough that even I can read it.

Filming LR movie cropped

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22561_7 cropped

The Lone Ranger made its radio debut 80 years ago today. To mark the occasion, here’s a lobby card from the 1956 feature version of the TV series starring Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels — a modest little Western I’ve loved since I was a kid.

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Came across this book cover today: The Little Big Book The Lone Ranger Outwits Crazy Cougar. Written by George S. Elrick, who wrote a lot of these things, it was published by Whitman in 1968. I read this over and over as a kid — and I’m thinking it’s time to revisit it over Thanksgiving.

Anybody else ever read this?

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Here’s Gloria Talbott, Fred MacMurray and the great John Dierkes in The Oregon Trail (1959), which after much speculation and lots of blog-commenting time, is finally available from the Fox Cinema Archives MOD program. As one of the CinemaScope films Lippert Pictures produced for 20th Century-Fox in the late 50s (The Fly was one, too), it’s something I’m looking forward to.

Though I’m thrilled about this release, which has been officially listed as widescreen, I have a gripe. If what you see at  left is indeed what the packaging looks like, I’m disappointed. A quick Google image search turns up better stuff than that — in color, too. Maybe they should reach out to the collector community — namely, us — for access to better material.

Thanks to John Knight for the tip.

On a completely unrelated note: my daughter and I watched a couple episodes of The Lone Ranger last night — one with James H. Griffith and the other with Hank Worden. What a treat.

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Clayton Moore
September 14, 1914 – December 28, 1999

Clayton Moore spent so much time saying hello to kids and signing autographs, and I never got to meet him. What a drag.

To me, The Lone Ranger TV show and the features (The Lone Ranger, 1956, and 1958’s The Lone Ranger And The Lost City Of Gold) are pure joy. There are so many ways you could criticize them, yet they’re all perfect.

Clayton Moore (from his autobiography, I Was That Masked Man): “The greatest thing about working on the feature was that the pace was much more leisurely. On the series, we would shoot at least 12 pages of script a day, sometimes as much as 15 to 18, but for the film, we would shoot maybe four or five. That’s still working pretty fast compared to some productions, but it seemed like a vacation to us.”

Of course, he did so much more over the course of his career, like those great Republic serials, but how can you top being The Lone Ranger?

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The Western Film Fair

Clarion Sundance Plaza Hotel

Winston-Salem, NC

July 20-23, 2011

You can find out more about the show here. This is their 34th year! As always. there will be guests, screenings and a dealers’ room.

One of the guests is Lisa Montell who appeared in The Tomahawk Trail (1957) and The Lone Ranger And The Lost City Of Gold (1958).

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Bruce Lander, who passes through 50 Westerns From The 50s quite a bit, sent me a copy of The Western Film And TV Annual from 1958. (That’s not it above — the ’58 volume has Dale Robertson on the cover.) These books, put together by F. Maurice Speed in the UK, make a wonderful resource. Lots of stills. Interviews (Audie Murphy and Jock Mahoney in this one). Info on the real West.

Of course, earlier volumes (it first appeared in 1947) don’t include TV. Features covered in this one include Decision At Sundown (1958), The Hired Gun (1957, black and white CinemaScope, with Rory Calhoun and Anne Francis) and Day Of A Bad Man (1958, starring Fred MacMurray and Marie Windsor). I’m dying to see those last two.

Thanks a million, Bruce. Now to track down the rest of the decade.



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Fred Foy, RIP

Fred Foy, the announcer on The Lone Ranger and so many other things, has passed away at 89.

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